3. Create and Format a Drawing for Your Model

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In this video, you will create and format a drawing to build your model.

A drawing is an effective way to create a visual model. By applying actual data in your drawing, you can use it to represent your ideas or explain a concept.

To begin, open a new tab.

Then, create a new drawing and rename it.

Set up the canvas of the drawing so it’s large enough for your model and so it can be printed later if you choose to.

The standard paper size for printing is 11 inches by eight point five inches.

Next, add a yellow background color to represent the sun in your model. Or, if you are modeling something other than the solar system, choose an appropriate color. Right-click on your canvas to choose your background color.

On some computers, you may need to hold the alt or control key and click to do this.

Now, it’s your turn: Create and rename a drawing in a new tab, Adjust the canvas size, And add a background color.


  1. Create and rename a drawing in a new tab,
  2. Adjust the canvas size.
  3. Add a background color, if needed.