5. Add an Explanation to Your Model

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In this video, you will add text to your drawing to explain the purpose of your solar system model.

Adding an explanation to a science model can show your understanding of the concept or describe a process related to it. If your model shows a system with several objects, you can discuss the relationships among the objects, such as the differences among planet sizes in our solar system. To begin, add a text box to your drawing.

You can move your images if you need to so you have space for your text.

Then, write a paragraph explaining your model. In your paragraph, include a brief explanation of what the model shows. This will help your audience understand the purpose for your images.

Include any steps you completed that might help explain your final outcome.

Add details that clarify your model. Some science concepts can be difficult to understand.

Supporting the visual elements with text helps explain them better.

After you have completed your paragraph, change the size of the text if it appears too large or small.

Adjust and move your text box as needed and add a border to it to make it stand out from the background and images.

Now, it’s your turn: Add a text box to your drawing, Write a paragraph about your model, And adjust and add a border to your text box.


  1. Add a text box to your drawing.
  2. Write a paragraph about your model.
  3. Adjust and add a border to your text box.