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Sharing something you created with someone else can leave you with a good feeling.

When you give your creation to a classmate or friend, they will also feel good, especially if they earned it for doing something positive.

In this video, you will create a digital character badge in Google Drawings.

The badge you create will represent a character trait that people value, such as: Kindness Respect Creativity And dedication You might select a trait for a badge from a class discussion before you begin, or your teacher may provide a trait for you.

Your badge will be added to your personal scrapbook in another video, so you can share it with classmates who you observe demonstrating the trait.

To begin, choose a character trait for your badge and add it to your title.

Then, choose a shape for your badge.

Because you will add text to your shape, choose one that will have space inside the shape for the name of your trait.

Next, make your shape larger.

This will make it easier to see when shared.

The word inside will also be larger and clearer.

Add a color to fill your shape to make your badge more appealing.

Then, choose a border size and color for your shape to make it look even more interesting and unique.

Next, choose a background color for the area around your shape.

Your color should provide a contrast to the shape and border colors.

Choose a color that will allow the shape to be the focus of your badge.

To complete your badge, add your character trait in a text box in the center of your shape.

Adjust the size of the text box so the text fits within the shape.

Because you want your classmates to clearly see your trait, increase the size of the trait and center it.

Change the font and font color as well to make it look even better.

When your badge is complete, download it as a JPEG file.

A JPEG file is a common file type used for images.

Downloading your badge as a JPEG file means you save it to your computer, and you can use the image you created in other applications, such as Google Slides.

Now, it’s your turn: Draw and format a shape for your badge, Add a border and background color, Add and format your character trait, And download your badge as a JPEG file.


  1. Draw and format a shape for your badge.
  2. Add a border and background color.
  3. Add and format your character trait.
  4. Download your badge as a JPEG file.