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3. Create Your Own Digital Scrapbook

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In this lesson, you will create a digital scrapbook using Google Slides.

A digital scrapbook is a slide presentation where you can keep images that you want to view anytime and remember. Your personal digital scrapbook is a place to keep the badge you created and the badges you receive from your classmates.

To begin, open your Drive.

Create a new slide presentation and rename it.

Then, choose a theme for your scrapbook.

Because your scrapbook will remain in your Drive, you can choose any theme you want.

Add a title and subtitle that make it clear what you are using your presentation for.

Your scrapbook will only be visible to you unless you choose to share it.

So you don't have to use formal language like you would for an essay or class project.

Next, add a slide to your scrapbook for the badge you created.

You will keep your badge on this slide and can share it with classmates when you want to recognize their words or actions.

Add a simple title to your slide.

Then, upload your badge from your downloads folder or Drive.

And place it on your slide.

Reduce the size of the badge and center it in the slide.

Next, add another slide.

Choose a slide layout that will allow you to include more than one badge on each slide.

When you receive badges from your classmates, you can place them on your slides.

Then, add a title.

Duplicate your slide two times.

This will give you three slides for badges you receive.

You can always add more once your slides fill up with badges!

Now, it’s your turn: Create a new presentation, Choose a theme, Add your slides, And add titles to your slides.


  1. Create a new presentation.
  2. Choose a theme.
  3. Add your slides.
  4. Add titles to your slides.