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Use Icons to Represent a Number or Statistic

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In this extension, you will duplicate an icon and use several of the same icon to represent a number or fraction.

For example, you could copy an icon many times to illustrate a number of people or objects.

Or, you could create copies of an icon and change the color of some icons to represent a fraction.

First, adjust the design of your infographic to make room for another fact.

Then, choose a fact on your infographic that can be represented by repeating an icon.

Your icons might represent a specific number of objects or people, or the icons might demonstrate a fraction, like four out of ten.

If you don’t have a fact like this in your infographic, search for a new one.

Then, add a new text box.

Include your new fact.

Adjust the formatting to match the rest of your infographic...

And reposition your text box.

Then, search for an icon to represent your fact.

Search for the image and make sure you have the right to use the image.

Select an icon and insert it into your infographic.

Then resize the icon so that several copies will fit together on the page.

Copy the icon...

And paste it enough times to reflect the numbers in your new fact.

Next, reposition your copied icons together.

Recolor your icons to match your infographic.

If your information shows a fraction, like two out of eight people, recolor the icons to represent your fraction.

Great work!

You’ve added, copied, and edited icons to represent a fraction in your infographic.

Now, it’s your turn: Reposition and resize your existing elements to make room for more information, Search for, select, and add an icon from the web, Copy, paste, and resize your icons to represent a number or fact, And recolor your icons to reflect your fact.

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