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In the main lesson, you created an infographic in Google Drawings.

To use or share your infographic outside of Google Drawings, you will need to save it as an image file.

In this extension, you will download your infographic as a file to include in documents, presentations, emails, and other projects.

You can download your project as one of several common file types: .jpg, .png, .svg or .pdf files.

Each of these file types has benefits and limitations.

J-pegs are small files that load easily on a web page.

Photos taken with a smartphone or digital camera are usually J-pegs.

J-pegs are also commonly used for images on social media.

P-N-G files show more detail than J-pegs, but have a larger file size.

They take longer to load on a web page.

They can also have a transparent background if designed with one, so that you can place them in other designs.

P-N-G files are commonly used for graphics and icons, not photos.

S-V-G files remain clear at any size and allow for detailed graphics editing, though they have large file sizes.

P-D-Fs open the same way in any application and are common for documents with images, graphics, and lots of text.

They’re also good for printing.

For this lesson, download your infographic as a J-Peg file so you can use it in other projects and share it online.

Now you can: Insert your infographic into a document, Share your infographic on social media, Add it to a presentation about your topic, Include it on a webpage, Or attach it to an email Great work!

Your drawing is ready to share and use in all kinds of projects.

Now, it’s your turn: Download your infographic as a J-peg, And insert the file into another project.

Choose an Extension
Add Shapes and Lines
Add and edit shapes and lines in your infographic to customize your design.
Add Word Art
Add and customize word art in your infographic to call attention to text.
Download Your Infographic as a File
Download your infographic as a file to use in other digital projects and share across the internet.
Use Icons to Represent a Number or Statistic
Add and edit icons to represent a number or statistic in your infographic.
Add a Custom Background Gradient
Customize your infographic background with a gradient.
Group Objects to Edit Multiple Objects At Once
Group objects together to edit multiple parts of your infographic at the same time.
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Choose an extension to enhance your infographic.
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