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In this video, you will search for and add icons to your infographic in Google Drawings.

Icons are simple graphics that add visual interest and guide readers to the facts in your infographic.

Infographics usually include icons instead of photographs.

Complex images can distract readers from what you are trying to communicate.

Simple icons illustrate your infographic, while keeping your audience focused on the information.

There are two common ways that icons visualize information: by representing a fact or by referencing a fact.

You can use icons to represent information, such as using a specific number of icons to represent that same number of people or objects in a fact.

You can also shade icons to indicate a fraction, such as shading one icon out of ten to express the number one in ten.

Or you can use icons to reference, or illustrate, your topic by using an icon that shows the general topic of a fact.

To begin, use Google Drawings to search the web for an icon to add to your infographic.

Search for the image, and make sure you have the right to use the image.

If your infographic is about a place, you might choose a mountain icon to show information about the country’s area.

If a fact in your infographic is about education, you might choose a book or pencil icon.

For an infographic about a career, find a tool or symbol of that job.

Include more specific search terms to find the icon that works best for your fact and your design.

Once you’ve found an icon you like, insert it into your infographic...

And reposition it.

Crop the image to remove extra blank space around the icon.

Then, resize it.

If your icon is in color, you can change the icon’s color to match your design.

Repeat these steps to add at least three icons to your project.

As you add icons, leave enough blank space around each fact so that your audience can easily read the text and so that your images do not distract from the facts.

Nice work!

Icons will help your audience identify your information and make it more attractive and interesting.

Now it’s your turn: Search for an icon and insert it into your infographic, Move and resize the icon, And repeat these steps to add at least three icons.

Then, move on to the next video to wrap up the lesson.


  1. Search for an icon and insert it into your infographic.
  2. Move and resize the icon.
  3. Repeat these steps to add at least three icons.