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8. Design a Website to Promote a Project Wrap-Up

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In this lesson, you designed a website to promote your project.

As you completed this lesson, you: Created a website in Google Sites, named it, and added a title to the homepage, Discussed your website’s purpose and selected a theme and header image, Shared your website file with your project group, Chose a layout and added text to your homepage, Added more pages, chose layouts, and inserted text, Inserted images and chose section backgrounds, And previewed, published, and shared your website with others.

A website is a great tool for sharing information about your project since it allows people to access details from anywhere.

Your website can also get people interested in your project and encourage them to get involved.

Learning to build a website is a valuable skill.

You could use the skills you learned in this lesson to create a blog, build a website for a class assignment, or even design your own personal site to share with potential employers.

The next time you want to communicate information on a project, event, or even yourself, you can build a website to make your job easier and ensure a more successful outcome!

Certificate of Completion

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Certificate of Completion

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