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2. Add Your Name to Your Poster

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In this video, you will begin designing your poster in Google Drawings by adding your name.

Adding your name to your poster shows your classmates that your poster is about you.

To start, click on the Google apps menu.

Select Drive.

Your Drive is a place to keep the things you use or make when you’re online.

They will stay there until you choose to put them in the trash.

Your Drive is also where you find the Google computer programs that let you write...

draw a map to your favorite place ...

… or make pictures, such as the ones you will add to your poster.

Select Google Drawings to begin designing your poster all about you.

Where it says Untitled drawing, type your name.

Next, use the text box tool to create a box where you will type your name. Click, then drag the box across your drawing.

Inside, type your name.

To make your name stand out, select it.

Then, make the font size bigger. The font is the way the letters look.

Next, click and drag a handle to make the text box bigger or smaller so your name fits inside.

The handles are the little squares on the text box edges.

Put your text box anywhere you like on your poster by clicking on an edge and dragging it around your drawing.

Great job! Now, move on to the next video to design your name how you want it to look on your poster.

Now, it’s your turn: Click on the Google apps menu, Select your Drive, Create a new Google Drawing, Type your name for the title, Type your name inside a text box, And adjust your name’s font size and position on your poster.


  1. Click on the Google apps menu.
  2. Select your Drive.
  3. Create a new Google Drawing.
  4. Type your name for the title.
  5. Type your name inside a text box.
  6. Adjust your name’s font size and position on your poster.