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4. Add Images to Your Poster

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In this video, you will add images -- or pictures -- to your poster.

Adding images to your poster will show your classmates things that are special or important to you. To start, think about something you want to share about yourself. It could be: Your pet or favorite animal, Your favorite food, Your favorite place to visit, Your favorite hobby, Or choose your own.

When you know what you want to share, search for a picture of it on the web. Click Insert, then image.

Choose to search the web.

To search for something on the web, type a word that describes what you’re looking for. Then, see the results that match your word.

If your favorite food is a taco, search for the word “taco.”

Look through the results until you find the image you like. Then, insert it in your poster.

Next, click and drag a handle on your image to resize your image. Make it any size you like.

Now, think of another picture you would like to share. Perhaps you’d like to show your classmates your favorite animal.

Resize the image, and move it to where you want it to be on your poster.

Repeat these steps until you have three different pictures on your poster.

If you are happy with how your poster looks, move on to the next video.

Or, change the images, their sizes, or where they are on your poster.

Now, it’s your turn: Click Insert, then image, Choose Search the web, Pick three images you want to use, Resize them, And move them where you want them to be on your poster.


  1. Click Insert, then Image.
  2. Choose Search the web.
  3. Pick the images you want to use.
  4. Resize them.
  5. Move them where you want them to be on your poster.