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In the previous videos, you built your quiz, wrote your questions, created an answer key, and assigned point values.

In this video, you will try out your quiz by taking it yourself.

Then, you will share it with a partner.

To start, preview your quiz, so you view it as a quiz taker.

Take your quiz.

As you take the quiz, read over the questions carefully to ensure they: Once you have answered all the questions, submit your quiz.

Then, review your score.

Because you made this quiz, you probably answered all the questions correctly.

If you answered questions incorrectly, review those answers.

Think about your experience taking your quiz.

If necessary, return to your quiz and revise questions or answer keys.

If everything is working correctly, share your quiz with your partner.

Keep in mind, it doesn’t matter if your partner knows the subject matter or answers your quiz questions correctly.

Instead, use this part of the lesson to test how your quiz works and see the type of information you can collect when someone takes your quiz.

Send the quiz to your partner’s email address.

Write them a short note telling them what your quiz is about.

Look in your email inbox to find a message from your partner inviting you to take their quiz.

Then, take your partner’s quiz.

When you and your partner have finished taking each other’s quizzes, review the results.

In edit mode, return to the quiz you created to view the responses tab.

You will see your partner’s quiz results, as well as the results from when you took your own quiz earlier.

Scroll through the response data.

It shows you the average, mean and range of scores for the people who took your quiz.

The chart displays the response data in visual form, showing how many people responded and the number of points they scored.

You can also view how many people answered each question and how many got it correct or incorrect.

View individual response data to see how each person scored on your quiz.

As more people take your quiz, you’ll have more data to analyze, telling you about the usefulness of the quiz and the difficulty level of each question.


  1. Preview your quiz.
  2. Take your quiz.
  3. Share your quiz with your partner.
  4. Take your partner's quiz.
  5. Review the response data for your quiz.