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7. Create Quizzes in Google Forms Wrap-Up

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In this lesson, you created a quiz in Google Forms to increase your understanding of a topic and test your classmates’ knowledge.

You chose a topic for your quiz.

Then, you created a Google Form using the quiz setting and gave it a title and a description.

You added different types of questions to your quiz to test your own or your classmates’ knowledge.

You assigned point values to your quiz questions...

and you made an answer key.

You took and shared your quiz, and you reviewed the answers.

This kind of interactive, digital quiz can help you study for an assignment or test your classmates’ knowledge on nearly any topic.

Next time you need to write a book report...

study for a science test...

or make a presentation for a group project, consider creating a quiz to test knowledge of the topic.

You can also create a Google Form to gather data for a school assignment or project.

You might use a form to: Ask classmates’ opinions on a topic.

Take a poll on a school issue Or survey people for a discussion group or report.

Making a digital quiz means you get your grade immediately after taking the quiz, so your teacher or fellow classmates can see right away where more work needs to be done.

This makes digital quizzes a useful tool for improving your work and gaining an understanding of the concepts you learn in school.

Have fun creating more quizzes in Google Forms!

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Certificate of Completion

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