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3. Create Multiple-Choice Quiz Questions

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In the previous video, you chose your quiz topic and built your form.

In this video, you will start creating your quiz with multiple-choice questions.

Google Forms includes several types of quiz questions.

Many quizzes include multiple choice questions, so add a new question in that format.

Multiple choice questions give several potential answers.

The quiz taker must select the right answer to get the question correct.

It tests the quiz taker’s knowledge of facts and concepts, but it does not ask them to make inferences, prove an argument, or speculate.

...are not effective multiple choice questions.

They ask the quiz taker to make an argument or educated guess, so there is no clear right answer.

When typing in a multiple choice question, it helps to first think of the term or concept that will be the right answer and then write the question.

You might think of a fact or statistic and then write a question with that answer.

Or, you might choose a vocabulary term, then construct a question for it.

Phrase multiple choice questions so they end with a question mark, rather than a colon or a fill-in-the-blank.

This makes your questions easier to understand and directs quiz takers to select one answer.

Make each multiple choice question you add to your quiz required, so the quiz taker has to answer all the questions to get a grade on the quiz.

Next, type in answer options.

When adding multiple choice answers: make one answer right, and all others wrong...

Avoid best answers or answers like “all of the above” or “none of the above,”...

make wrong choices reasonable, so it isn’t obvious which answer is right...

and include four or five multiple choice answer options, rather than a long list.

These guidelines ensure questions are fair and don’t confuse or trick the quiz taker.

Type in your answer choices.

Keep all possible multiple choice answers around the same length and format, so one answer doesn’t stand out from the rest.

For example don’t make one answer a long phrase and the rest one or two words.

If you decide not to include an answer, delete it.

Continue adding at least three multiple choice questions to your quiz, following the same guidelines.

Before the section of multiple choice questions, insert a title and description.

Type a title that describes the question format, and write clear instructions.


  1. Create at least three multiple-choice questions for your quiz.
  2. Insert a title and description before the section for instructions on answering the questions.