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2. Choose a Topic and Build a Quiz

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In the previous video, you learned why quizzes are a useful tool for studying and testing knowledge of a topic.

In this video, you will choose a topic for your quiz.

Then, you will open Google Forms and create a quiz.

You could create quizzes in a document or on paper, but with Forms you can add question formats that are easier for the quiz-taker to complete and can be graded automatically.

To start, choose a topic for your quiz.

Your teacher may assign you a subject.

Or you may have something in mind that you want to study.

Some possible quiz topics include: Vocabulary or concepts, Facts about a place or time period, Current events, Or literary devices, plot, theme, or characters.

Consider topics you need to review for an upcoming test, report, or presentation.

Or, choose a school subject and test your partner’s knowledge.

When you’ve chosen a topic, create a new tab in your browser and open Google Forms.

Start a new, blank Form.

Update the settings to make this a quiz.

Save your settings.

Don’t worry about the other options for now.

Give your quiz a title.

Make the specific subject of your quiz clear.

Then, write a brief description of the quiz, including any details that might help the person taking your quiz, such as textbook chapters referenced, or a period of time being covered.


  1. Choose a topic for your quiz.
  2. Open Google Forms in a new tab.
  3. Change the settings to Quiz.
  4. Give your quiz a title and description.