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4. Add More Question Types and Preview Your Quiz

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In the previous video, you began writing your quiz by adding multiple choice questions.

You can also include other types of questions in your quiz.

Varying your question format tests the quiz taker’s knowledge of different types of information and makes your quiz more challenging.

In this video, you will add true-false, checkbox, and multiple choice grid questions to your quiz.

To start, use the dropdown option to create true or false questions.

The words true and false will appear in the dropdown menu, and the quiz taker will choose one correct answer.

When creating a true or false question... are quizzing.

This keeps your quiz fair and tests a quiz taker’s knowledge of the material.

Use checkboxes to offer more than one correct answer.

Then in the directions or in the question itself, specify how many answers the quiz taker should check off.

To create a matching-style question to test items like vocabulary and definitions, use the multiple choice or checkbox grid options.

In the question field, type the matching instructions.

In the rows, type in the vocabulary definitions.

In the columns, add the terms.

Mix up the order of the terms and definitions to make the matching more challenging.

Require a response for each row.

Your quiz will make the most sense if you group the question types.

Move questions around so that all questions of the same format are grouped together.

Before each question type, insert a title that describes the question format.

Include clear instructions for each type of question.

To see how your quiz will appear to quiz takers, use the preview option.

Review your questions, answers, titles, and descriptions to make sure they are fair, make sense, and look the way you expect.

Return to your quiz to edit or add more questions.

Google Forms also includes other types of questions, such as short answer, paragraph, and linear scale.

These involve more complex grading and question building and are not part of this lesson.


  1. Use different question formats to make your quiz more challenging.
  2. Add at least three additional questions to your quiz.
  3. Add titles and descriptions before each question format.
  4. View quiz in preview mode.