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1. Introduction to Auto Editor

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In this activity, you will begin creating an Auto Editor program in Apps Script that identifies and highlights an overused word.

Writing is difficult!

Even professional writers need an editor to look over their work and check for errors.

It is common to overuse certain words and phrases while writing, like “very” or “really.”

Or, you might use words that are too general, like “thing” or “stuff,” when a more specific word would be more powerful or accurate.

You can find and fix these mistakes by hand to make your writing clearer.

But, finding them is time consuming.

Plus, it is tough to find errors in your own work.

Your Auto Editor program will highlight the word each time it appears in your document to catch words you might miss on your own.

Once you build the Auto Editor, you can use it to check papers for school, college applications, or even articles you post to the web.

This will save you time and improve your writing.

Making the Auto Editor program is a complex task.

It helps to break down projects like this into multiple steps.

Complete one step and test for bugs before you move on to the next.

In this activity, you will complete four steps to build your Auto Editor program.

First, you will create code that finds one overused word in a document.

Then, you will add code so that it highlights that overused word in a color.

Next, you will instruct the computer to find all the instances of that word in the document.

Finally, you will create a function that you can reuse to find multiple errors.

You will then be able to re-use that function to find other writing mistakes in the document-- or in any piece of writing!

You will use three coding concepts as you complete step one: variables, loops, and functions.

To begin, open the starter project by clicking the link on this page.

This opens a document that contains several overused words and phrases.

Then, rename the document “Auto Editor.”

Now it’s Your Turn: Click the link on this page to open the starter project.

Rename the document “Auto Editor.”

Then, move on to the next video.


  1. Click the link beside this video to open the starter project.
  2. Rename the document "Auto Editor."