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1. Many Jobs in Technology

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In this unit, you created an Auto Editor tool to help catch overused words and phrases in your writing.

Almost everyone overuses certain words, so a tool like this is really useful!

To create your program, you used several basic programming concepts, including loops, functions, variables, and arrays.

Even if you do not plan to pursue a job that involves computer programming, knowing a little coding can help you become more accomplished and find unique ways to solve problems.

Computer programmers code all day long at technology companies.

But, there are also many roles in varied industries where having a basic understanding of coding is helpful.

For example, in the agriculture industry, programming is used to analyze weather patterns so farmers can take appropriate measures to keep plants alive.

Other farming technology uses a computerized sensor dragged behind a tractor to detect weeds among lettuce plants.

When the sensor finds a weed, it tells a mechanism to spray fertilizer that nourishes the lettuce but kills the weed.

In this unit, you learned a few core programming concepts.

Then, you put them into practice to build your own program.

That little bit of knowledge was powerful enough to create a tool that can help edit essays, research papers, blog posts, or college applications.

A small amount of programming knowledge could save hours of editing time.

Imagine what you could do with programming at a retail job when it is time to catalog inventory or place orders.

Or if you start a business and need to present a business plan or manage a supply chain.

Even endeavors like writing music, playing sports, or designing clothing can be enhanced with code.

You might be surprised at how programming plays a part in your future career.

Keep building your coding knowledge, so that you are ready for what the future might bring.

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