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In this activity, you used a "forEach" loop to repeatedly search for words stored in an array.

By now, your Auto Editor searches your document for a whole list of commonly overused words and phrases.

To create this tool, you used core programming concepts, like a loop, an array, and a function.

Learning programming is like learning a foreign language.

The more often you practice, the easier it gets.

If you don't practice coding for a while, you might not remember exactly how to create a certain set of instructions.

That is okay!

If you remember the core concept you need--like an array or a loop--you can search the Internet for help about how to use it.

Once you create a program, you can reuse the same code for other projects.

For example, you could use an array like the one you made for the Auto Editor to put values into a spreadsheet.

To figure out how to do that, you might perform an internet search to see how other programmers accomplished the task.

Knowing a little coding and understanding concepts like arrays and loops is empowering.

You can come up with your own programming ideas, then find help on the internet to build all kinds of applications.

The programs you make could save you time on schoolwork, make your future job easier, or make tedious tasks at a business more efficient.

Others might even want to use the code you build in their own programs!

In the next activity, you will program your Auto Editor to highlight writing errors in different colors, so they are easier to see and fix.

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