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Create an Editing Tool with Programming

Create an "Auto Editor" tool that finds and highlights overused words in a piece of writing using Google Docs.
Time to complete

timer 6 - 8 hours

Suitable for

Middle and High School

Skills covered
  • Coding
  • Iterative development
  • Script editor
Lesson plans keyboard_arrow_right
Rubric keyboard_arrow_right
Activity 1: Identify Programming Concepts in Everyday Life
  1. play_circle_filled Using Programming to Automate Tasks
  2. play_circle_filled Six Programming Concepts
  3. play_circle_filled Brainstorm Two Lists of Items
  4. play_circle_filled Apply Programming Concepts to Items
  5. play_circle_filled Share Presentations
  6. play_circle_filled Programming in the World Around You
  7. assessment Identify Programming Concepts Activity Reflection
Activity 2: Use a Loop to Find a Word
  1. play_circle_filled Introduction to Auto Editor
  2. play_circle_filled Find One Error
  3. play_circle_filled Highlight Overused Word in Color
  4. play_circle_filled Find All Occurrences of One Word
  5. play_circle_filled Make a Function to Find More Words
  6. play_circle_filled Apps Script is Javascript
  7. assessment Use a Loop Activity Reflection
Activity 3: Search for Multiple Words
  1. play_circle_filled Automate Tedious Tasks with Code
  2. play_circle_filled Make an Array
  3. play_circle_filled Use Breakpoints to Test
  4. play_circle_filled Add a Custom Menu
  5. play_circle_filled The Language of Programming
  6. assessment Search for Multiple Words Activity Reflection
Activity 4: Find and Reuse Code for Your Program
  1. play_circle_filled The Coding Community
  2. play_circle_filled Create Different Highlight Colors
  3. play_circle_filled Precision in Programming
  4. play_circle_filled Coding Alone and Together