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I'm Mari.

In this unit, you will learn six programming concepts.

You’ll use these concepts to create an auto editor tool that finds overused words and phrases in writing.

Programs like the Auto Editor enable computers to automatically perform tasks that would take humans many hours and lots of effort.

Going through a document line by line is hard work, and it is easy to miss errors.

With the right code, a computer can do that task quickly and with no mistakes.

To create your auto editor, you’ll search the internet for programming help and examples.

Programming is a specialized skill, but there is no “right” way to learn it.

Many programmers started out learning core concepts in a club or class.

Then, they used the Internet to teach themselves more outside of the class.

You could use the Auto Editor you create for school papers, blog posts, college applications, or even job applications.

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  • "The Grindstone" by Kathryn Decker ( -- Licensed by CC BY 2.0 ( -- Image scaled up, cropping edges