4. Search for Songs and Title Your Playlist

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A great playlist is well-rounded, which means it includes many different types of songs.

As you listen to your playlist, you should hear a variety of musical styles and song lyrics.

In this video, you will choose the songs for your playlist.

To begin, add a page break to your document.

A page break ends your current page and starts a new one.

You will write your playlist on a brand new page.

Open a new browser tab...

and go to google.com to search online for songs to add to your playlist.

Copy and paste words and phrases from your brainstorm document into the search engine, followed by the word “song.”

When you find a new song, listen to it on YouTube...

or another website where you can legally listen to music for free.

If your song has words, find the lyrics online.

Make sure they are appropriate for the classroom.

Type the title of the song in your document.

Then, type the name of the musician who wrote it.

Formatt your song title and musician names as “Heading 3”, so they stand out from the rest of your document.

Each song you choose should represent “at least one” of your topic’s main ideas, or reflect the people, places, or events involved.

Also think how the songs sound.

Does their music or lyrics express any aspects of your topic?

For example, a loud punk song might “sound like” a violent revolution or the explosion of a star.

A sweet ballad might “sound like” people falling in love, or like a parent singing to a child, or a historical period of peace and harmony.

Add at least five songs that relate to your topic, and that sound different from one another.

Then move onto the next slide to annotate your playlist Now, it’s your turn: Search the internet for songs, And add songs to your playlist.


  1. Search the internet for song.
  2. Add songs to your playlist.