6. Create an Annotated Playlist Wrap-Up

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In this lesson, you created an annotated playlist about a topic you have studied in school.

Making your playlist helped you to understand a topic more fully, and may help you remember more details about that topic.

As you completed the lesson, you: Chose a topic, Listed key ideas, people, and locations involved in that topic, Searched online for related songs, And annotated five songs.

Creating your playlist required you to consider the most important concepts of your topic.

When you annotated each song, you explored and expressed your thoughts on the topic, and its main ideas, people and locations.

Now that you have created your playlist, you can use it as a study aid.

The songs will help you remember details about this topic.

You can also share your playlist with a friend, and invite them to contribute songs that they feel express important concepts about the same topic.

You can use the skills you learned in this lesson to brainstorm on any topic, and write annotations to clarify or give context on a book report or research paper.

By providing a musical soundtrack, a great playlist will make any subject more fun to study, and inspire you to keep learning more.

Certificate of Completion

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Certificate of Completion

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