3. Brainstorm on Your Topic

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The songs you add to your playlist can help you remember important details about that topic.

In this video, you will brainstorm a list of your topic’s main ideas.

Once you have a list of main ideas, you can use them to search for songs.

A brainstorm is a way to quickly collect your thoughts about a subject and generate new ideas.

Brainstorms are supposed to help you collect lots of ideas quickly, so don’t worry about writing complete sentences or full ideas.

Move fast and write down what comes to your mind.

Your brainstorm will have three parts.

First you will list the “main ideas” of your topic, Then you will list any people involved with your topic, And finally, you will list the places or locations where your topic takes place.

First you will brainstorm about the “main ideas” of your subject.

To begin, create a heading.

Then, list “at least five” of your subject’s main ideas, using bullet points.

A bulleted list helps organize your ideas.

For example: if your playlist is about a book or play, write down the most important events or moments in the story.

You can also list the major themes or questions that the author writes about.

If your playlist is about a scientific discovery, write about the scientific principles that were observed, discovered or named.

Write about what problems were solved by that discovery.

If your playlist is about a historical event, write about what happened.

List the factors that led to that event, and the way it affected the world.

Now, create a new heading for “People,” and brainstorm about the “people” involved in this subject.

For example, if your playlist is about a book or play, list the characters and the author or playwright.

If your playlist is about a scientific discovery, list the scientists who contributed to that discovery.

If your playlist is about a time in history, list notable people from that time.

Add at least five names to your people brainstorm.

Next, brainstorm about your topic’s settings and locations.

What locations are important to this topic?

Where did critical events take place?

Make a new heading for “Locations” ... and list at least five locations that are important to your topic.

Then, move onto the next video to add songs to your playlist.

Now, it’s your turn: List your topic’s main ideas, List your topic’s important people, And list your topic’s locations.


  1. List your topic’s main ideas.
  2. List your topic’s important people.
  3. List your topic’s locations.