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In this video, you will organize your spreadsheet and then you will add steps to help you reach your goal.

A spreadsheet is useful for organizing and tracking information, like tracking the steps to prepare for a test.

It’s made up of cells, rows, and columns.

Cells make up the grid pattern where rows and columns meet.

A column is a vertical line of cells.

And a row is a horizontal line of cells.

To begin, open your spreadsheet.

Then, add column headers to the top row of your spreadsheet to help organize the information you’re going to enter in the spreadsheet.

A column header is a title that describes the type of information that is listed in the cells of the column The column headers for your study schedule should describe the information you will add to track your goal.

Next, bold the headers so they stand out from the other text.

Then, freeze the row so that it always displays on top when you scroll down the sheet.

Next, break your goal into steps. Think about the steps you need to take to improve your test scores.

You probably need to read the materials that will be covered.

This way you can take note of anything you don’t understand and talk to the teacher about it before the test.

You may also need complete assignments from your teacher so that you are prepared for class discussion.

You could also include reviewing outlines or taking practice tests.

These are just examples. Your steps may look different, depending on your goal.

Breaking your goal into smaller steps helps you feel accomplished throughout the process.

As you complete each step, you’re one step closer to reaching your goal.

When you’ve listed all of the steps, wrap the text in the column, and adjust the column width to fit the contents in the column so its clear and easy for you to read.

Now it’s your turn: Create column headings, Bold text, Freeze a row, List your tasks, Wrap the text, and adjust column width.


  1. Create column headings.
  2. Bold text.
  3. Freeze a row.
  4. List your tasks.
  5. Wrap the text.
  6. Adjust column width.