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In this video, you will create a schedule for your tasks.

A goal is more reachable when you have outlined the tasks for the goal and created a realistic schedule to meet it.

To start, you will add a due date to complete each task.

First, think of the order you want to complete the tasks.

For example, you may want to study the chapters before taking a practice test.

Then, consider the time it takes to complete a task and assign a due date.

You can assign the same due dates to tasks if it makes sense to you.

For example, you may want to read a chapter and then answer the discussion questions immediately afterwards.

As you divide up the time for your other tasks, keep your overall goal deadline in mind so you don’t schedule time past it.

Your latest due date should be before the deadline for your goal.

You may want to add an extra day to the dates to allow for any unexpected interruptions to your schedule.

This will give a more realistic schedule to meet your goal.

Next, format the column to give all your dates the same format.

This makes it easier to process the information at a glance.

Then, sort your dates to see the closest due dates.

Sorting is used to arrange items in an order that you choose.

You can sort alphabetically or numerically, from A to Z or Z to A.

If you want to sort your dates with the earliest dates first, choose A to Z.

You now have a step-by-step plan to reach your goal.

Now, it’s your turn: Add due dates to your tasks, and sort your tasks by the due dates.


  1. Add due dates to your tasks.
  2. Sort your tasks by the due dates.