Share the Link to Your Website in an Email

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Now that you’ve finished your website, you should let people know about it, especially those who might be interested in helping with your issue.

In this extension, you will learn how to share the link to your website in an email.

Sharing the link communicates your issue and call-to-action with others.

Sharing through email is a quick and efficient way to get the word out about your website to people you know.

To begin, open your Gmail account and compose a new email.

Enter the person’s email address in the To field.

Then, add a subject line to communicate the main purpose of your message.

Begin your message with a greeting.

Then, type your message.

Explain what your website is about and give them more information about why your issue matters.

Invite them to participate in helping your issue if they wish.

End with a closing.

Now, open your website and copy the link.

Choose a word in your email to add the link to.

This creates a hyperlink.

People can click on the hyperlink to go to the website.

This makes the email more readable instead of having a long web address in the middle of the sentence.

Finally, look over the email to check for spelling errors.

When you’re ready, send the email or save it as a draft to send later.

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Share the Link to Your Website in an Email

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