Embed a Survey In Your Website

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In this extension, you will create a three-question survey in Google Forms and embed it in your website.

A survey gathers information from the people who read your website.

The example in this lesson is about visiting a forest preserve, but your survey will be about the issue you chose for your website.

Embedding the survey in your site means that your viewers can take the survey directly on the website’s page.

To begin, create a new Google Form and title it.

In the description, explain the purpose of your form.

Now, add a question to your form.

You can choose different types of responses for your questions.

For example, you can select multiple choice to provide limited, preset responses or short answer to allow people to type their own responses.

Select a response type for your question.

If your response type calls for it, add response options.

Now, add a second question.

Open-ended questions like paragraph can be helpful in a survey since people can answer your questions in their own words and even give you specific examples.

After you have added at least 3 questions, preview your form.

Read through it to make sure the questions and answer choices are accurate.

Then, check for spelling errors.

Now, open your one-page website from the main lesson.

Add the survey where you would like after the header...

...and format it.

Preview your website to see how the survey will look live.

After you republish your website, anyone with access to it will be able to see and fill out the survey.

You can view people’s responses to the survey by going back into the form.

You can also choose to be notified by email when you’ve received a response.

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Embed a Survey In Your Website

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