Create a Page with a Button for Your Website

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In this extension, you will add a page to your existing website.

Then, you will add a button to the page.

The first page, or homepage, gives an overview of what the website is about.

Adding another page gives you the chance to share more information about your issue or direct people to a place where they can get more information.

To begin, add a new page to your site and title it based on the type of information that will be on it.

You might choose to add a page with more details about your issue, one that sends someone to another website, or even just a page with more images.

Next, add a layout.

Add text to the layout describing your button so people know what they will learn more about when they click it.

Center the text.

Now, create a button.

If there’s a website or article associated with your cause, you may want to link to that.

If not, you can link to the first page of your website, which is called the homepage.

To link to another website, first open a new browser tab.

Perform a search to get the web address of the site you would like to link.

Use the Control-C or Command-C keys to copy the web address.

Return to your website...

...and use the Control-V or Command-V keys to paste the link.

If you’re linking to your home page, select Home in the link field.

Now, name your button.

Resize the button so you can see all the words...

...and move it near the text describing what it’s about.

Preview your site so you can see what it looks like with the button.

When people click on the button, they will be taken to the other website or to the homepage of your website.

Finally, add your own images or images from Search to make your new page look visually appealing.

Make sure you have the right to use the images.

Add a background color, too.

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