3. Create an Environmental Call-to-Action Statement

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In this video, you will create a call-to-action statement encouraging people to do something about your environmental issue.

In a previous video, you learned that...

Now that you’ve decided on an issue...

...and explained why it’s important...

...It’s time to figure out the action you will ask people to take to do something about it.

Take a few minutes to connect your issue and why it’s important with an action people can take.

It’s important that your call-to-action be something that people can actually do about your issue.

For example, if your issue is “The roads in our community have too much trash on them,” then your call-to-action might be choosing 1 road and asking people to meet on a Saturday to pick up the trash.

If you feel that your community needs a garden, you can encourage people to help plant one.

Your call-to-action statement can say where and when you’ll meet to plant the garden so people have that information.

Or, you might create a specific call-to-action statement to tell classmates how they can reduce plastic use in the school cafeteria.

Once you have decided on a clear, doable call-to-action statement about your issue, type it in your document.

Later, you will use this call-to-action statement on your website.


  1. Type 1 call-to-action statement that encourages people to do something about your issue.