4. Create a Catchy Earth Day Slogan

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In this video, you will start brainstorming an Earth Day slogan, or catchy phrase, for the website you will create.

Think about some slogans you may have heard before in commercials or seen in magazines or online.

What made you remember them?

Were they short or long?

What kinds of words did they use?

Did they have a specific rhythm when you heard them or read them out loud?

Great slogans stick in people’s minds and cause them to remember the message of the ad.

You can write a catchy slogan to inspire people to help the local environment, too.

To begin, press Enter 3 times after the call-to-action and type the words “Action Verbs.”

Press Enter a few times again and type the word “Nouns.”

...like “restore” and “save”...

Look at the issue you highlighted.

First, brainstorm some actions people could take to address the issue.

Then, list parts of the action in either the action verb or noun category.

For example, in “Stop cutting down trees” or “Stop chopping down trees”, the words “stop”, “cutting”, and “chopping” are verbs and “trees” is a noun.

As you get ideas, feel free to list words in the verbs and nouns categories at the same time.

For example, as you begin to list verbs, there might also be nouns that come to mind.

For example, you might think of the verbs “grow” and “plant” and then think of the noun “trees.”

Be sure to have at least 5 verbs and five nouns when you’re finished so you have plenty of choices to use in your Earth Day slogan.

You might also include synonyms, or words that mean the same things, like “litter”, “trash”, and “garbage.”

Later you can choose the word that works best in your slogan.

To create your slogan, experiment with combining verbs and nouns.

Feel free to add other words to your combinations, like “the” or “at”.

Type at least 4 combinations at the bottom of your document.

The best slogans contain only a few words, maybe 6 or 7 at most.

Also, catchy slogans sometimes have rhyming words or words that begin with the same sound in them.

Read your combinations out loud to hear how they sound together.

Are they catchy?

Are any combinations too long or complicated?

Are they original and memorable?

Highlight the slogan you like best.

If you’re not happy with any of the slogans, try replacing some words with other words or brainstorming new nouns and verbs.


  1. Write at least 5 verbs that might be in your slogan.
  2. Write at least 5 nouns that might be in your slogan.
  3. Combine verbs and nouns with additional words to form at least 4 possible slogans.
  4. Highlight the slogan you like best.