2. Choose an Environmental Issue

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In this video, you will decide what environmental problem or issue in your community, home, or school you would like to focus on and determine why it is important.

To begin, return to the document you created in the last video.

Now, spend a few minutes thinking about what you would like to improve in your community, home, or school.

For example, do you see a lot of trash at the side of the road?

...would you like to use less water at home...

...or start a recycling program at school?

If you’re not sure, you might search online for issues to support in your community...

...or talk to people at home or school for ideas.

If you’re having trouble coming up with a problem or issue, try brainstorming alone or in a group.

Take 5 minutes and type at least 2 answers to the question “What are the biggest environmental issues or problems in my community, home, or school?”

After you’ve typed your ideas, read through them and highlight the 1 that feels most important to you and that you think is possible to do something about.

Now, explain why your issue is important.

If you’re not sure, you can visit websites for more information.

Do a search using key terms about your topic, like the name of the location or “why it’s important to conserve water.”

If you find a useful website, you may want to keep it open to get information from it when you create your own website.

You can also ask people in your community, home, or school for their thoughts on why the environmental issue is important.

In your document, type at least 2 reasons why the issue you highlighted is important.

You’ll use these reasons on your website later.


  1. Type at least 2 environmental issues you see in your community, home, or school.
  2. Highlight 1 issue to focus on.
  3. Type at least 2 reasons why the issue is important