3. Organize Pages

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In this video, you will organize the pages in your scrapbook.

Organizing your scrapbook will help you know where to put all the different images, videos, and bits of memorabilia, like copies of an award you won or a note from a friend.

You can dedicate one page to a special day, another page to a specific accomplishment, and another to a person or group of people.

To begin, think of a title for your scrapbook.

Your title should let the reader know what the scrapbook is about, like “My Year in Review,” or “Fun Times with Friends.”

Make sure the title is bold and easy to read.

Next, decide how you want to use your pages to organize your memories.

For example, each page could cover a specific topic or period of your life.

This will help you know where to put the different images, text, and other components of your scrapbook.

If your scrapbook covers a year of your life, you could make one page for each season: Summer, Fall, Winter and Spring.

Or you could dedicate one page to the activities you did that year, one page to school, one page to your family, and a last page to a special trip or holiday.

Now choose a subject for each page of your scrapbook.

Write headings at the top of each following page to represent each subject.

If your slide has a space that says “Click to Add Title,” you can write your heading there.

Or, add your own text box to write your title.

Now, it’s your turn: Title your scrapbook, And write headings on each page.


  1. Title your scrapbook.
  2. Write headings on each page.