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In this video, you will add text to your scrapbook.

First you will add a text box to caption one of the images you selected.

Then, you will add a larger, decorative quotation using word art.

Text can add useful information about the items in your scrapbook and remind you of an important date or inside joke.

Captions are often included underneath images.

A caption is a line of text used to explain an image.

It might include the names of the people in a photo, or where the photo was taken.

You can also caption a drawing with the name of the artist.

To start, choose an image to caption.

Add a text box underneath the image.

Type a caption that explains or describes the content of the image.

Next, change the color of your text.

Use a contrasting color, like a light color on a dark background, to make the caption stand out.

Align your caption to the middle of the text box, if you’d like.

Now change the size of the text.

Caption text is usually fairly small and fits directly underneath an image.

Add at least two captions to your scrapbook.

Now, use word art to add a quotation.

Word art is a feature that allows you to create decorative text.

Think about a quotation you want to use.

A quotation can help you capture a moment or a mood in your scrapbook.

Is there something that someone in your scrapbook says a lot?

Or is there a famous quote about one of the activities in you show in your scrapbook?

Maybe there is a lyric from a song that fits the subject of your scrapbook.

Select word art, then type your quote into the box that pops up.

If you are quoting someone directly, include quotation marks.

When you’re done, press enter.

Word art allows you to format text by changing color and font.

Now change the color and font to something that fits the mood or topic of your scrapbook.

For example, if your scrapbook is about an English class, use a typewriter font.

If it’s about a beach party, use a playful one.

Now, it’s your turn: Add at least two captions to your scrapbook, And add one word art quote.


  1. Add at least two captions to your scrapbook.
  2. Add one Word Art quote.