4. Add and Format Images

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Images are important elements of a scrapbook.

In this video, you will add one image to your cover, and two images to all the following pages.

Include images of people and places that are important to you.

For example, you could add: photos of happy times with friends, doodling, or even maps of places you’ve been.

You have several options for inserting images: They can be uploaded from your computer, inserted from your Google Drive or Google Photos, inserted from the web with a URL, or added from your camera.

You can also search the internet for images directly from Google Slides.

Look at the heading on your page. What images would fit into this category?

Find an image that fits the subject of your heading and add it to your page.

Once you have added your image, experiment with your formatting options.

By making changes to the image, you can make it more visually appealing or help it fit better onto a page.

You can: Recolor the image to make it fit into your scrapbook’s color scheme.

Or you can also resize a photo or crop it to make sure it only shows what you want to show.

You can also change the shape of an image by adding “masking” to it.

The mask tool allows you to tri your images into different shapes.

Choose a shape that fits your scrapbook.

Add one large image to your cover slide, then two images to each of your pages.

Now, it’s your turn: Add one image to your cover page, Add at least two images to the following pages, And experiment with formatting.


  1. Add one image to your cover page.
  2. Add at least two images to the following pages.
  3. Experiment with formatting.