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Revise Your Resume for a Specific Audience

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In this extension, you will revise your existing resume for a specific audience.

This could be an academic application for an academic summer camp a magnet school a scholarship a college or university a trade school or a certificate program.

Or, it could be a specific job posting.

To strengthen your chance of being selected, customizing your resume is important.

This example will show you how to tailor your resume for an academic program where you will: highlight your educational successes at the top demonstrate how you spend your time outside of the classroom and emphasize experiences that help decision-makers get to know you better.

To begin, go to Google Drive, and open your resume.

Make a copy, then include your name and the resume’s purpose.

Next, open a new browser window, and go to the website for the academic program application you are working on.

Or, if you are tailoring your resume for a specific job, go to the posting.

Then, carefully read through any instructions from the school you’re applying to.

In this example, the university expects resumes to include an educational background and relevant experiences, including: jobs internships community service activities languages and research projects.

Return to your new resume, and delete any unnecessary sections.

For example, you may not need to list your Skills in an academic resume.

You may also need to Change a header to be more specific Add a new section Or move descriptions from one category to another.

Next, organize your resume in the appropriate order for the specific application.

For example, your education history would be the focus of an academic resume.

Then, include any additional details that are relevant to the program or job you’re applying to.

Adjust the formatting, if necessary.

Proofread your resume.

Ask a parent, teacher, or friend to provide feedback.

Finally read the instructions for submission.

It’s very important that you follow the directions exactly.

Following instructions is a crucial job and life skill.

Great job -- you’ve customized your resume for a specific audience!

You will follow similar steps each time you apply for a new school program or job.

Now, it’s your turn: Open your resume, make a copy, and rename it.

Carefully review the application instructions for the school or job you want to apply to.

Reorganize and rename any sections of your resume, as necessary.

Finally, proofread your resume.

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