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6. Edit and Format Your Resume

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In the previous video, you completed a draft of your resume by adding the information from your brainstorming document. In this video, you will edit your resume and make formatting changes so it is more polished and professional.

Resumes influence the way a potential employer perceives you. They allow someone to quickly learn about you and determine whether you might be a good fit for the job. Correct spelling, active verbs, and appearance all make a big impact.

Keep in mind: Resumes should be short and concise. They don’t include every responsibility from every job. Once you get an interview, you can use that opportunity to go into more detail about yourself, but your resume should showcase your best and most relevant accomplishments.

To start editing and formatting your resume, carefully read through each section.

Make sure Bullet points and descriptions are in the correct sections, Then, check your grammar for complete sentences and phrases and proper punctuation. A single typographical or grammatical error can prevent you from getting an interview, and spell check tool does not always find every mistake.

Next, look for strong action verbs and clear descriptions that stand out. In a one-page resume, every word counts. If there are places where you could pick a more appropriate phrase or use fewer words to say the same thing, choose a more precise word or concise phrasing.

When you have finished proofreading your resume, make formatting changes, if necessary, so that the text fits on one page and is well-spaced. You might: Cut unnecessary words Reduce line spacing Or reduce font sizes When you’re finished, run the spell check.

If you have time, share your resume with someone else to ask for comments and feedback. They may catch errors or unclear phrasing that you did not notice.

To share your resume you can: Print it Or, download it as a specific file type, such as a PDF or a Word document.

This lets people with different computer programs open your document when you share it with them.

You can also email it.

Email your resume as a PDF to your teacher to show what an awesome job you did!

Now, it’s your turn: Carefully read through each section of your resume, checking for spelling, punctuation, and accurate and complete information.

Adjust the formatting so that your resume fits on one page.

Email your resume to your teacher.


  1. Read through each section.
  2. Make sure the resume is one page.
  3. Email your resume to your teacher.