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3. Brainstorm Skills and Awards

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In the previous video you brainstormed your contact information, experience, and education history. In this video, you will brainstorm your skills, activities, and accomplishments.

After your education information, brainstorm a new section called “Skills.” Here, you will list the useful abilities that you didn’t specifically mention in the Experience section.

List skills that make you a good student, employee, friend, or sibling. Include both hard and soft skills. Hard skills are technical and job-specific.

They include things like: Typing, Playing an instrument , Speaking a foreign language, Or knowing how to use specialty tools or software applications.

Soft skills are personal qualities that may relate to how you interact with others.

Soft skills include: Effective communication, Problem solving, Relating well to people, Or being cooperative or a team player.

List a combination of five to seven hard and soft skills.

If you need help thinking of skills, open a new tab and search the internet for examples.

Then, move on to the last section, Awards and Activities.

Think about your extracurricular activities and your accomplishments.

Maybe you worked on the school yearbook, were recognized for a hobby, or earned an award at your job.

You might also list sports, clubs, contests, performances, or student government. List activities and achievements, even if you didn’t receive an award. Only include awards and activities from the past three or four years.

List three to five awards and activities, but don’t spend too much time brainstorming -- you can always add more information later.

Now, it’s your turn: Brainstorm five to seven skills.

Search the internet for ideas if you need to. Then, brainstorm three to five awards and activities.

When you have finished, move on to the next video, where you will write the first draft of your resume.


  1. Brainstorm 5-7 skills.
  2. Brainstorm 3-5 awards and activities.