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In the previous video, you created a website for your blog.

In this video, you will write an introduction.

A good introduction is interesting and engaging and makes your audience want to read the blog.

You will ghostwrite the text in the voice of your chosen blogger.

Because you are ghostwriting, you will write in the voice of your blogger.

Remember to write in the first person and use the pronouns "I" and "me".

You may be creating this blog using made up information.

While posting false or misleading information online is never a good idea, it is okay to create a blog and practice sharing online for this lesson.

In a previous video, you highlighted information in the portfolio that is safe to share online.

Now, use your highlighted information to write the blog introduction.

Review your notes in your blogger’s portfolio.

Then, click on the top text box in the layout, and type a heading for your introduction.

A heading is a title at the head of a page or section of a page.

It tells your audience what the page or section is about.

Next, click on the bottom text box, and type an introduction for the blogger.

Add engaging personal details.

Promote your blogger with professional accomplishments.

Review your introduction and make sure everything you wrote is safe to share online.

Look for PII or personal details that should remain private.

Great job! You’ve written an engaging introduction that will make your audience want to read more about your blogger.


  1. Review your blogger portfolio.
  2. Write at least three sentences for the introduction to your blog.
  3. Make sure what you wrote is safe to share online.