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In this video, you will review the blogger portfolio you chose in Google Docs.

A portfolio is a collection of information about a person.

You will use the imaginary person’s portfolio to create their blog.

Then, you will decide what information is safe to share online.

You will use the highlighting and strikethrough tools in Google Docs to mark information in the portfolio.

This will help you know what to include and exclude when you create the blog.

To begin, look at the information in the blogger portfolio.

It contains personal and professional details and a brief summary of the blogger’s ideas for the blog.

For now, you don’t need to review the section about the blogger’s favorite places.

If you like, you can do that in an extension to this lesson.

When another person gives you access to private information, you must be sure to keep their safety and security in mind at all times.

First, look for PII in your blogger's portfolio.

This is information that might specifically identify someone, such as their online accounts or cell phone number.

To show that you will not include this information on the blog, strike through it.

Next, read the other details in the portfolio, and think about what else this blogger should consider when sharing information online.

While some information might not be PII, it could affect a person’s emotional well-being now or in the future. Use the strikethrough tool to exclude any other information that should remain private, such as details about the blogger’s private family life, personal schedule, or current location.

It isn’t safe to share this type of information because it could potentially identify a person or affect their physical or emotional safety.

Read through one more time.

Look for information that is safe to share online.

Use the highlight tool to mark it, so you will know to include it.

You can refer back to your notes when you create the blog.

Highlight any other information that is safe to share online, such as hobbies or interests, professional history, or personal goals.

If you’re unsure whether an item of information is safe to share online, insert a comment.

Make at least one comment about something you may not want to share.

Also leave at least one comment about details you definitely want to include in the blog.

If you change your mind about a comment, edit or delete it.

Nice work!

You’ve chosen what information is safe for your blogger to share online.

Now you’re ready to begin building your website.


  1. Look at the information in your blogger portfolio to choose what is safe to share.
  2. Strike through information to exclude and highlight information to include.
  3. Make at least one comment about something you may not want to share, and at least one comment about something you definitely want to share.