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In this extension, you will publish your website online.

Publishing your website makes it available to a wider audience, so people can view and interact with the blog you created.

To do this, you will: Preview your website, Publish your website, And unpublish your website.

To begin, open your website.

First, preview your website.

It’s helpful to see how your website looks online before you publish it to see if there’s anything you want to change.

For example, when you preview your website, you might decide that you want the banner that contains your title to appear larger.

Exit out of the preview, and make any changes.

Then, publish your website.

Before your website goes online, Google Sites will suggest a web address.

You can use the suggested address or make a custom address.

A custom address might make it easier for people to search for and find your website, or it might express the purpose of your website better than the suggested address.

Next, manage who can view your website.

For example, you can make your website accessible to anyone online or to specific people you invite.

Anything online can be shared and viewed by strangers.

If what you share on your website is meant only for your friends, you may want to limit access to your site.

Now, you’re ready to publish your website.

Your website is live!

Anyone with access may view your website online.

Finally, if you want to remove your site for any reason, unpublish it.

This takes it off the internet.

You can always publish it again later.

Now, it’s your turn: Preview your website, Publish your website, And unpublish your website.

Choose an Extension
Write a Blog Post

Students write and proofread the first paragraph of a blog post.

Add Hyperlinks to Your Blog

Students learn about hyperlinks and key words, search online for websites to link, and add hyperlinks to their blog.

Insert Maps in Your Blog

Students insert maps and write captions in their blog.

Insert an Image in Your Blog

Students insert an image in their blog and learn about online safety and security for images.

Customize Your Website

Students customize their website by changing its formatting features.

Publish Your Website

Students preview, publish and unpublish their website.


Choose one of the extensions to continue learning safe skills for building, organizing, and personalizing a blog and a website.