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In this extension, you will insert an image in your blog.

Images help your blogger’s audience understand what the blog is about and add visual appeal.

To do this, you will: Search online for an image, Insert the image in your blog, And make sure the image is safe to share online.

To begin, open your website.

First, find an image.

You can use Google search to find an image that relates to the main theme of the blog.

Review the search results.

Make sure you have the right to use the image.

And choose an image.

Finally, make sure that your image is safe to share online.

Online safety and security applies to your images as well as your writing.

When you share an image online, anyone may view, copy, or save it without your knowledge.

Just as you reviewed the words in your blogger's portfolio for PII and other information that isn't safe to share online, carefully look at photos before you post them.

An image can contain PII about a person even if they are not in the image.

For example, if someone posts a photo of their car, the image might show their license plate number, which is PII.

Nice job!

Now you have a safe image that relates to the main theme of your blog.

Now, it’s your turn: Examine your blogger’s personal image for PII, Use Google search to find an alternative image, And insert the new image in your blog.

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