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In this extension, you’ll customize the design of your website.

Customizing the design of your website highlights important elements, and makes your site more visually appealing and interesting.

By changing themes, you can change the look and feel of your blog.

By changing font styles, accent colors, and background colors, you can show your audience what to focus on.

When you make design changes to your website, think about what appeals to your audience.

Your changes should enhance the experience of your audience and add interest to your blog.

To customize your website, you will: Change the theme, Change the font style and color, And change section colors.

To begin, open your website.

Change your theme.

Your theme controls the background of your page, the style of your font, and your accent colors.

You can change themes to give your site a different look.

Different themes fit different types of content.

For example, if your blog is professional in tone, you might want a theme with darker colors and a neutral background image.

If your blog is more personal, you might want brighter colors and a more playful background image Choose what works best for your blog.

Next, change the font.

Now, change the accent color.

The accent color controls the color of your headings and extra features like the underline.

Use one of the options provided, or customize the color.

Next, choose a section, and change its background.

Select a background that emphasizes the text of your blog.

Nice work customizing your website!

Now, it’s your turn: Open your website.

Change the theme, font style, and accent colors, And change the background color of your text box.

Choose an Extension
Write a Blog Post

Students write and proofread the first paragraph of a blog post.

Add Hyperlinks to Your Blog

Students learn about hyperlinks and key words, search online for websites to link, and add hyperlinks to their blog.

Insert Maps in Your Blog

Students insert maps and write captions in their blog.

Insert an Image in Your Blog

Students insert an image in their blog and learn about online safety and security for images.

Customize Your Website

Students customize their website by changing its formatting features.

Publish Your Website

Students preview, publish and unpublish their website.


Choose one of the extensions to continue learning safe skills for building, organizing, and personalizing a blog and a website.