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In this extension, you will add hyperlinks to your blog.

A hyperlink is a clickable word, phrase, or image that takes the reader to another location, such as another page or website.

Hyperlinks make it easy for your audience to learn more about topics you’ve mentioned or connect them to another website you’d like them to see.

To create hyperlinks, you will: Choose key words to link, Search for websites to link to, And create the links in your blog.

To begin, open your website.

Review your blog introduction.

Choose two key words to use as hyperlinks.

A key word is a word that is significant or important in a piece of writing.

In your blog, a key word might be a concept you’d like your audience to explore or a person or place you’d like them to know more about.

Next, use one of your key words to search online to find a website for your link.

Look at different search results and choose the website that is most informative and interesting.

Copy the web address.

Return to your blog.

Select the text to hyperlink...

And create the link.

Now, when you click the linked word, you’ll be taken to another website with additional information about the topic.

Follow the same steps to create another link.

Think about online safety when you create hyperlinks.

Make sure that you link to a reliable website with accurate information, and that the content of the site matches the purpose and audience of the blog.

Now, it’s your turn: Choose two key words from your first blog to hyperlink, Search for websites to link to, Create the links, And check the sites for safety.

Choose an Extension
Write a Blog Post

Students write and proofread the first paragraph of a blog post.

Add Hyperlinks to Your Blog

Students learn about hyperlinks and key words, search online for websites to link, and add hyperlinks to their blog.

Insert Maps in Your Blog

Students insert maps and write captions in their blog.

Insert an Image in Your Blog

Students insert an image in their blog and learn about online safety and security for images.

Customize Your Website

Students customize their website by changing its formatting features.

Publish Your Website

Students preview, publish and unpublish their website.


Choose one of the extensions to continue learning safe skills for building, organizing, and personalizing a blog and a website.