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In the previous video, you decided what information in your blogger’s portfolio is safe to share online.

In this video, you will create a website for your blog.

To begin, open Google Sites, and create a new website.

Then, name your website.

Next, choose a theme for your website.

Different themes fit different types of content.

Some themes look more professional or serious, while others are more playful and fun.

Choose what you think will work best for your blogger.

Next, give your blog a title that briefly describes your blogger.

It’s important to have a descriptive title that tells your audience what the blog is about and makes them want to read more.

Then, choose a layout to format the space beneath your title.

Layouts are built-in formats for text and images.

In the next video, you will use this space to write an introduction to the blog.

Good work! You’ve created a website for your blog.


  1. Open Google Sites and create a new website.
  2. Name your website.
  3. Choose a theme.
  4. Give your blog a title.
  5. Adjust the layout.