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8. Create a Presentation “All About a Topic” Wrap Up

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In this lesson, you created a presentation in Google Slides that introduces a topic and shares information about it.

You added text and images to tell people all about your topic.

You animated those elements and added slide animations and transitions to keep your audience engaged and express your personality.

You digitally shared your presentation with a partner and commented on their presentation to provide encouragement and suggestions.

You learned how to design a presentation that includes a theme, text, and images.

You added visual flair to your slides to convey the tone and personality of your presentation to your audience.

The digital skills you learned can help you communicate information on any topic clearly and keep an audience engaged in nearly any school or work situation.

You could create a similar type of presentation to: Celebrate a holiday or special occasion, complete a report or project for school, or even update teammates on new uniforms.

Whatever type of presentation you create next, you can use the digital skills you learned in this lesson.

Certificate of Completion

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Certificate of Completion

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