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In this extension, you will publish your animated presentation to the web.

Then, anyone can see your presentation who has the link.

To begin, open your presentation.

Before you publish your presentation to the web, it’s important to understand that this makes it public.

So, take a moment to consider if there is anything in your presentation that is private or that you wouldn’t want everyone to see, like your last name.

Run the presentation in presenter view.

Make sure your transitions and animations are working properly.

Or, check your individual animations in the animation menu.

Click "stop" to exit the menu.

When your presentation is ready, publish it to the web.

Your options include: "Linking," which gives you a URL to share with others, and "Embed," which will paste the actual presentation into a web page, blog, or social media site.

Choose "Link."

Next, decide on the "auto advance speed."

This is the amount of time someone will see the slide before it proceeds to the next one.

It’s important to set the speed so that someone has enough time to read the slide, but not too slow that they lose interest.

Then choose how the presentation starts, either "automatically when it loads" or "manually when the viewers click play."

You can also program your presentation to repeat in a continuous loop.

When you are happy with your presentation, publish it.

Press the "Control-C" or "Command-C" keys to copy the link… …and paste the link into a new tab in your browser to view your presentation.

Use the "Control-V" or "Command-V" keys to paste.

Then, return to the publish menu and email the link to your friends or teacher.

To remove your presentation from the web, return to the "publish" menu and stop publishing it.

Now, it’s your turn: Open your presentation, preview your presentation to make sure it’s working properly, select the settings you want to use for publishing, publish your presentation, and email the link to your friends or teacher.

Choose an Extension
Change the Look of Your Theme

Change the look of your presentation’s theme.

Customize Your Presentation with Word Art

Add Word Art to your presentation.

Embed a Video into Your Presentation

Add a video to a slide in your presentation.

Publish Your Presentation to the Web

Publish your presentation to the Web so others can view it.

Add Effects to Text and Images

Add effects to make your text and images look more exciting.

Organize Your Presentation with Speaker Notes

Add speaker notes to your presentation.


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