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Organize Your Presentation with Speaker Notes

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In this extension, you will use "speaker notes" in your presentation to store extra information that you can read, but is hidden from your audience.

As you prepare for your presentation, add comments in the speaker notes field at the bottom of each slide.

You can refer to this extra information as you give your presentation.

Continue adding speaker notes to your informational slides.

To refer to your notes while you give your presentation, enable "presenter view." Your speaker notes will appear in a new window.

Arrange your displays so that your presentation appears on the projector screen and your speaker notes are on your computer.

As you advance your slides, your notes will also advance.

Speaker notes are useful for organizing your slide presentation, reminding you about the important points you wish to make, and presenting information more simply and effectively.

Speaker notes can help you give a better presentation in any setting!

Now, it’s your turn: Add speaker notes to each of your informational slides, and turn on "presenter view" to see your notes as you give your presentation.

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Organize Your Presentation with Speaker Notes

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