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The text in your presentation can do more than just express your thoughts and ideas; it can also project a mood or feeling.

Often, just by reading the text, someone can tell if a subject is serious, fun, or even silly.

In this extension, you will use Word Art to add extra emphasis and excitement to the text in your presentation.

To begin, open your presentation and look at your title slide.

It tells your audience about the topic of your presentation.

Replace the text with a font that better suits your topic.

First, delete the text box with your original title.

Then, insert Word Art.

Retype, or copy and paste, the first line of your title text, and save it.

Next, adjust the size and the placement of your Word art.

Repeat the previous steps to add Word Art to your subtitle.

Or, you can keep the mix of Word art and regular text.

Next, choose a new font for your Word Art.

Make the font bold or italic to create extra emphasis, if you like.

Next, modify your two Word Art objects at the same time.

Press Shift and then click each object to link them together.

This is called “grouping.”

When you group objects, you can make changes to them at the same time.

Then, choose a fill color for your letters.

The fill color can be either solid or a gradient.

You can also add a border with either a solid or dashed line.

Adjust the border thickness… …and color the border.

Finally, compare your new Word Art title slide to the original text so you can see the difference.

Now, it’s your turn: Open your presentation, replace the title slide text with Word Art, group Word Art objects together, change the font style, fill color, and border of your Word Art, and compare the new title slide with the original.

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