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In this extension, you will embed a video into your presentation.

Adding a video can make your slide more meaningful to you and your viewers.

Think about a video you can add to your slide, and where you might add it.

For example, if one of your slides is about your pets, you can embed a video of your pets playing.

To begin, open your presentation and decide where you want to embed a video.

Then, insert a video.

Use the “Search” option to search videos on YouTube using a keyword.

If you already have a video in mind, enter its URL.

Or, use a video you have stored in Google Drive.

This example will demonstrate how to choose a video in Google Drive.

First, find the video you would like to embed, and select it.

Your video is now embedded in the slide.

Next, change the size of the video preview box, and the position of the box on your slide.

When you add video to your presentation, you combine picture, sound and motion to illustrate an idea in a way that words, graphics and photos alone can’t.

Now, it’s your turn: Open your presentation, decide where you want to embed a video, insert a video from YouTube or Google Drive or use its URL, and adjust the size and position of the video on your slide.

Choose an Extension
Change the Look of Your Theme

Change the look of your presentation’s theme.

Customize Your Presentation with Word Art

Add Word Art to your presentation.

Embed a Video into Your Presentation

Add a video to a slide in your presentation.

Publish Your Presentation to the Web

Publish your presentation to the Web so others can view it.

Add Effects to Text and Images

Add effects to make your text and images look more exciting.

Organize Your Presentation with Speaker Notes

Add speaker notes to your presentation.


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