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In this extension, you will format text and images to vary the look of your presentation.

To do this, you will use "image cropping" and "masking."

"Cropping" allows you to adjust the edges of an image to emphasize certain parts and hide others.

A "mask" is a kind of crop, but instead of a rectangle, you can choose from a variety of different shapes, like hexagons or circles.

To begin, open your presentation.

Select an image in your presentation and crop it or mask it.

Then, apply effects and adjustments to text and images.

Select an object to view the available formatting options.

Create a drop shadow.

Choose a shadow color.

Then, adjust the shadow’s transparency, angle, distance, and whether you want the shadow to be sharp or blurred.

To produce a "mirror image" of text or a picture, select the formatting option "reflection."

Adjust reflection transparency, distance and size, as you like.

You can also "recolor" an image.

Select the image and choose "recolor."

Pick from a variety of preset color themes, including black and white.

“No recolor” will return the image to its original settings.

Or, use options from the "adjustments" tool, like "transparency"… "brightness"… or "contrast."

If you decide you don’t like the changes you made, you can always reset to your original settings.

Now, it’s your turn: Open your presentation, mask an image into a shape, apply a drop shadow and reflection to your text or images, adjust image color using "recolor," and adjust image transparency, brightness, and contrast.

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Add speaker notes to your presentation.


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